Stay Trippy.

I'm a trippy girl. In the process of recovery for my eating disorder. I recently spent a month inpatient for anorexia. I'm 19. I'm a Theravada Buddhist and a runner. I love edm and raving. I lovve tattoos, I only have five but I'm getting more. Oh yeah and I always follow back and love to talk so ask 4 my kik!!
Love only. Stay Trippy.

Anonymous asked: I love you!! and your selfie's are amazing post what you want! You're beautiful and sexy no matter what

Aww thank you!

longful asked: Do you think people are meant to be happy?

Of course. Everyone deserves to be happy.

roadrunner063 asked: Wow you are incredibly beautiful :)

Aww thank you.

Anonymous asked: Show us a little cleavage with your hands covering your nipples 😏

Lol no. Go to google and search “tits” I’m sure you’ll find something you like.




So I just wanna say sorry to the ppl that have messaged me in the past week or so my inbox is full but I’m gonna reply to all of the messages now. I’ve been crazy busy! My bad!